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NCOP Outdoor Activity Day - Blacklands Farm

On Monday our NCOP students along with NCOP students from Carshalton High School for Girls and Greenshaw High School attended an outdoor activity day organised by the Trekking Company. The aim of the day was to build confidence and team building skills but also to build relationships between NCOP students from different year groups and different schools.

The day was a huge success. The students had a fantastic day and many of them completed activities that they were originally nervous about. They worked well in teams and also worked with three ambassadors from Kingston University.

Here are some quotes from the students:

I think it was a very successful day of activity we all learnt something new and tested ourselves furthermore we all developed a range of team building characteristics like communication, organisation, and perseverance. Thank you to the staff on the trip. RD – Year 12

From my Blacklands farm experience I overcame a fear of mine which was doing the high rope activity. Before I didn't want to even go near it but I did it. I was proud of myself and glad that I had done it. LO – Year 10

A great day full of laughs which ended up in me doing activities I said I wasn't going to. It was a great day!" AC – Year 13

I enjoyed learning how to build a fire, this was something new in which i had not done before. KR – Year 11

I found the trip enjoyable,  also learned and improved my  social skills (working with people from different ages, and people I haven't met before) JB – Year 12

Many thanks to Freddie H and Brendan for going along on the day.