KBR Open Doors - Wednesday 23rd May

Interested in Science, Technology and  Engineering?

Students and families from Carshalton Boys Sports College are warmly invited to attend KBR’s open door event. The event is aimed at students aged 13 years or older.

More information can be found here: https://kbruk.co.uk/opendoors

 To register, please visit: https://kbruk.co.uk/Pages/open-doors-register.aspx

KBR is a global Technology, Engineering, Procurement and Construction company with an incredible history in designing and delivering some of the most complex oil and gas and management projects as well as extensive environmental and energy expertise. With 35,000 employees across 40 regions and customers in 80 countries, KBR delivers mega projects from the world’s largest road infrastructure to the complex design and construction of major energy projects. The  Leatherhead HQ opens its doors on Wednesday 23rd May, 3.00 to 8.00pm and invites students, parents, teachers and local businesses to meet our teams. KBR will showcase the huge range of jobs and career paths, including our apprenticeship and graduate schemes.