CBSC Power Achievements

CBSC Power

POWER Achievements:

Scheduled Mufti Day

In our last POWER meeting which was focused on Rewards, students voiced that they would like mufti days to be used as a reward. 

The New Zebra Crossing!

The student council was identified as a key player in the consultation process for the zebra crossing on Winchcombe Road.

Zebra Crossing

Reduced Food Queues

The student council pushed for the introduction of an additional till at Refuel to ease food queues and also suggested employing students to support. This has been put in place and queuing times have reduce by 50%.

An Increase in Printing Allowance for KS4 and KS5 Students in Exam Season

Concerns were raised about the printing limit stopping students from being able to access hard copy past exam papers and mark schemes. The printing limit has been increased for all exam groups.

Soft Bottomed Shoes for Exam Invigilators

The clicking of high heeled shoes was proving distracting for some students, so now all exam invigilators are asked to wear soft bottomed shoes.

Soft Shoes