CBSC Members

The Members of the Academy Trust are the equivalent of the shareholders in a commercial company (save that they do not receive dividends). In simple terms the Members "own" the Academy Trust. They have a number of statutory rights and rights set out in the Academy Trust's Articles of Association (the Articles). The Members do not have any specific duties imposed on them by the Companies Act 2006 (the Act) but they are asked to provide a 'guarantee' such that if the Academy Trust were to be wound up and the assets did not meet all of its liabilities, they would be asked to contribute £10.  Our members are:

Name Appointment From To
Mrs Rebecca McGowan Member 04/04/2022 Date
Mr Graham Skipp Member 04/04/2022 Date
Ms Emma Bradshaw Member 04/04/2022 Date
Mr Trevor Sterling Member 04/04/2022 Date
Mr Mark Twigg Member 04/04/2022 Date

CBSC Trust Board

The Trust Board provides strategic leadership and holds the school to account for overall performance.  It employs the staff, owns the site and holds overall responsibility for the finance.  They also appoint the Principal, Vice Principal and Deputy Principals.

The Trust Board of Carshalton Boys Sports College is made up as follows:

  • Ten Trustees appointed to address any skills/experience gaps identified and appointed by Members;
  • Two Parent Trustees elected by parents;
  • Two Co-Opted Trustees (if required)

The Trust Board, the majority of whom are non-executive, comprises those persons appointed under the Articles of Association. The board meets at least three times a year and has five committees:

  • Audit & Finance (receiving Auditors’ reports and accounts, taking action as needed, review the risk register to inform the programme of work, ensuring checks are modified as appropriate each year, consider outputs from other assurance activities by third parties including ESFA financial management and governance reviews, funding audits and investigations)
  • Finance, Staffing & Resources (to ensure sound management of the academy’s finances and resources, including proper planning, monitoring and probity)
  • Students (to consider and advise on any matters within the remit of the governing board, involving the interests of students)
  • Curriculum Committee (curriculum offered to students, subject performance, teaching and learning)
  • Pay Committee (all decisions relating to salaries)

Each committee has Terms of Reference, a Programme of Work for the year, and a Chairman appointed by the Trust Board.  For further information please see our Scheme of Delegation.