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We believe at Carshalton Boys Sports College that homework makes an important contribution to a students’ progress at school and helps them to achieve high standards.

Homework allows students to further develop curriculum knowledge and gives the opportunity to work with greater freedom and independence.

Homework tasks will vary according to the subject and the skill being assessed and take many forms. Some tasks may be relatively short (handed in the next lesson) others may last over a much longer period of time (a termly project). Tasks may include: reading, writing, watching, listening, interviewing, talking, memorising, drawing, designing, making, surveying, planning, redrafting, revision, etc.

Homework partnerships with parents, carers and students can help to extend high quality learning experiences beyond the limits of the school day. They also provide opportunities for parents and carers to take part in their children’s education. To support this process every student has his own diary/planner into which he records his homework. This permits monitoring by both parent and tutor as well as acting as a point of contact to record any concerns or comments with regards to the students progress.

Please sign the diary/planner each week and encourage effective completion of the tasks set. Your support will aid the development of the skills and practices that are being taught in school, helping to raise achievement and securing their future success.

All homework is recorded online, and is freely accessible via the following link:

The following link provides some useful information for parents looking to access their Show My Homework parent account: