At CBSC 6th Form we work collaboratively and in full partnership with parents and guardians. Parents can play a hugely important part in the academic progress of our students.

There are always a number of key questions that parents ask us in 6th Form.

What time does my son or daughter have to be in school?

  • All students need to be in school before 8.20 a.m. They have tutor time or assembly each day and attendance is compulsory for these sessions.

Should my son or daughter leave school if they do not have a lesson?

  • All students are required to be in school at least until lunchtime. If there is a non-contact lesson in the afternoon they can study at home. However, if any issues with attendance or progress develop students will have to stay until 4 p.m. each day. We do recommend that students should stay in school to maximise study opportunities.

How much independent study should my son/daughter be doing at home?

  • For each subject studied, students should complete at least 4 hours of study per week outside of lessons. This of course includes non-contact time in school. Students who do well in their studies generally work for several hours each night at home and also study at the weekends.

Should my son/daughter have a part-time job?

  • Many students do and successfully manage their studies. We recommend no more than 8 hours per week part time work and that the priority must always be academic study.

How will you support my son/daughter in their application to university?

  • We offer full support with UCAS applications and, the journey in moving on to higher education. We also make sure there are plenty of opportunities for students to enhance the personal statement section of their UCAS application, through clubs and activities, for example.

Can 6th Formers receive Free School Meals?

  • Your son/daughter may be able to continue to receive free meals. Application forms are available in reception. You can apply for the bursary also.

Who can my son/daughter turn to when they need help with their studies?

  • All students benefit from their own personal tutor for ongoing one-to-one support. For help with subject related questions and queries, their subject tutors will always be on hand to help, making sure your son or daughter gets the help they need to perform at their very best.

How can I keep up to date with my son/daughter’s progress?

  • We feel students perform better when their parents take an active role in their education, so the 6th  Form holds parents’ consultation evenings and issues written student progress reports. Learning Gateway can also be used for monitoring attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

What if my son/daughter decides that university is not the best option for them?

  • We will support your son/daughter to achieve what is best for them. As well as support for applying to university, we also offer impartial careers advice and jobseeker workshops.