Unifrog is a leading, impartial, user-friendly careers platform. Unifrog is used extensively in schools throughout the UK helping students make the best choices and submit the strongest applications.  

The platform encompasses, universities, further education and apprenticeships in the UK, as well as US and Canadian universities, and degrees taught in English in Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

This high quality careers guidance tools offers accurate and up-to date information plus an open and transparent matching system which creates personalised results. Enriched with learning resources to enhance academic profiles. Student are guided and encouraged to use Unifrog to its fullest potential through interactions and tasks.  

Each student will be issued a unique and personal login which will allow them to build a highly personal career plan over their time at CBSC.  Students are encouraged to use Unifrog regularly outside of school and to actively engage with tasks and interactions to fully benefit from its extensive features.