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Year 10 into 11 Transition Summer and Preparatory Work

The transition from Year 10 into Year 11 is a significant one.  At CBSC, we are aware that the process can be both exciting and challenging and we endeavour to prepare our students so they can achieve the very best outcome.

There are many changes the boys will experience and benefit from, this will include:

  • Lesson 6 each day (Monday to Thursday) Our students will access additional teaching, personalised learning opportunities, support for next steps, Aim Higher, master classes, independent study support and much more
  • A Year 11 study base, highly resourced and supervised. A fantastic space for our boys to maximise their learning.
  • Highly personalised curriculum opportunities.
  • Access to a pathway, Aspire, Accelerate, Ambition and Action which will give all of our students a highly personalised programme of support and tutoring.
  • Support for next steps. Whether 6th Form, College or Apprenticeships, we will support our students as they consider the next phase of their journey’s.  We will schedule talks, tours, master classes, mentoring etc. Year 11’s will spend time with the 6th Form team who will provide advice and guidance on choosing A-level subjects and eventual career aspirations. These conversations continue throughout the year, with form tutors offering enough guidance to allow students both to aim high and to make informed, realistic and appropriate choices.

To support this journey, summer work for each department and additional support materials are provided.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide further support or information.

Simon Barber